An octopus shoots out ink to scare off sharks.

I write stories to draw people in. I tell stories with heart and humor. Stories that kids and adults can both relate to—because, like most people, a part of me has never grown up. My creative process is both meticulous and scattered. I enjoy working alone and collaborating. Scroll down to see a few samples.

Screenwriting is my passion.

I wake up in the middle of the night to scribble down scene ideas. I wake up in the morning with lines of dialogue running through my head. My childish creativity and knack for puns lend themselves well to writing family movies. I also dabble in other genres when the project is right.


A family movie about a tugboat named Tug and his best friend Cargo, a freighter. When Cargo goes missing, Tug must leave San Francisco Bay for the first time in his life to find him.

  • Top 5 Finalist — Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest

  • Finalist — ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest

  • Finalist — Cinequest Film Festival Screenplay Competition

  • Finalist — UCLA Screenwriters Showcase

  • Semifinalist — Samuel Goldwyn Screenwriting Award

Artwork by Hailey Marshall

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An animated short about a tadpole who struggles with being a late bloomer. While his friends develop into frogs, he remains a legless outsider. But when the frogs get plucked out of the water by a 10th-grade biology teacher on dissection day, our tadpole hero is the only one who can save them.

Tad 1.jpg


A family movie about a children's book named Bloom and a ragtag group of library books. When they learn their public library will soon be demolished, they must trek across town and defeat vicious e-readers to save it.


And The Mountains Echoed

Based on the novel by Khaled Hosseini.

My writing partner, Mike Parker, and I wrote a spec script for Hosseini's third novel. We don't advise writing an adaptation without the rights first, but this story is so powerful we had to write it for the screen.

The book follows multiple characters through Afghanistan, but we focus on two siblings, Pari and Abdullah, who get separated as young children. They spend their entire lives trying to find each other.

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Just keep swimming.
— Dory