I didn't start writing until after college.

I grew up in San Diego, surfing when I wasn't playing soccer. I studied Environmental Sciences at UC Berkeley and worked as a biologist on powerline projects after graduation. One day at work, field book in hand, I started writing.

Like an addict I couldn't stop.

My first love was poetry—sharp, visual language. My second love was fiction—more page to expand. My final love is a combination of the two—screenwriting. Five years after I first put pen to paper, I arrived in Los Angeles to develop my craft. I earned an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA. Inspirational professors of mine include: Dave Johnson, Michael Colleary, Mike Werb, Joe Roth, John Sweet, Linda Voorhees, Tim Albaugh, Ken Levine, Richard Walter, and James Franco.

Now I'm pursuing screenwriting as a career.

I've neared the finish line twice. I'm currently working on a couple spec scripts for producers. And I'm always looking for new creative partners. 

I also like to doodle.

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